We had a little technical issue last month, but we are back and extremely excited to congratulate Andrew Daniel on being the August Spotlight Athlete. Andrew has been a member at CFR for a little over a year now and since joining he’s been a consistent attendee of the 4:30pm class. He’s incredibly coachable and always a positive presence at the gym. Andrew is a father to three awesome kids (two which participate in our CFR youth class) and sets a wonderful example for them by continuing to strive to improve his own fitness and health. We are incredibly proud of his progress and love having him and the entire Daniel crew apart of our CFR community.

Age: 39 (Big 40 later this month)

Occupation: Sales – Truswood, Inc.  

Proudest accomplishment at CrossFit Rolesville?

I would have to say getting my first muscle up during 19.4.  Not only did I get one but finished with four muscle ups. 

How did you find CFR? Why do you train?

I decided I wanted to try something different.  I walked into CFR not knowing a lot about crossfit in general and I was hooked after the first week.  I just want to be in the best shape I can be and I felt CFR is the best place to accomplish it. 

What is your favorite moment so far at CFR?

My son Logan broke his arm last fall at CFR doing pull ups. He fell off of the bar and landed on his arm and broke both of the bones in his arm.  Coach Megan and Thomas never stopped asking about how he was doing and sent him a get well card from all of the coaches to cheer him up.  Not sure if you guys know this but Thomas and Megan are really great!! Thank you guys for being awesome coaches and friends.

What is your daily motivation to workout?

I want to feel better everyday.  I enjoy the accomplishment of finishing tough WODs and just getting stronger.  The older I get the more I want to be in better shape than I was last year.

Favorite and least favorite movements?

I love the longer WODs, push presses, cleans and HSPU.  All variations of burpees are from the devil. For me a close second to burpees are squat snatches and wall balls. 

What’s one thing you would tell a new CrossFitter?

Just give it a try.  Everything can be scaled to your strengths and weaknesses.You would be surprised at what you can do and how it feels to finish a WOD or PR a movement.  Also the crossfit community, especially CFR, are truly amazing.

One song that gets you amped up during a WOD?

I love all 90’s hip hop and rap.

Tell us something about yourself that we don’t already know.

I had open heart surgery when I was 3 years old to enlarge a smaller section of my aorta.  I also won an oreo stacking contest when I was 12.