SPOTLIGHT ATHLETE: Brandon Constable


SPOTLIGHT ATHLETE: Brandon Constable

It is with great pride, to congratulate Brandon Constable as our May Spotlight Athlete. Brandon and his wife, Lizzy, have been apart of CrossFit Rolesville for quite some time now and we love having them apart of our community. Brandon has always shown dedication and support for fellow athletes in the box as well as set a positive example for all. He in extremely consistent with attendance, takes coaching cues very well and constantly strives to improve. Brandon is also one of the friendliest members at our box and loves to stay after class to hang out and chat with other athletes (with a FitAid in hand). Even though Lizzy may surpass him in WODs from time to time, he constantly shows his love and support for her which we greatly admire. We couldn’t be prouder to call Brandon a CFR athlete and friend!

Age: 36

Occupation: Orthopedic Sales

Proudest accomplishment at CrossFit Rolesville? 

Anytime I can beat Lizzy in a wod lol (doesn’t happen often). 

Seriously though, my proudest accomplishment is more broad that a certain moment. It’s the fact that over the past 15 months or so that I’ve been here full time I have been much more consistent with my training than I ever had been in my previous 3 years of CF. That is a testament to the coaching and community at CFR. 

How did you find CFR? Why do you train?

I “found” Lizzy at our CF gym in Greensboro. That led me here to Rolesville and CFR has been a natural fit for both of us ever since. I train for general health and wellness. 

What is your favorite moment so far at CFR?

Friday Night Lights. Such a great time with the CFR community and I love seeing all the PRs. Moments in 2019 that stand out are Dylan doing 135 lbs. squat cleans and Jackie getting her first bar muscle up. 

What is your daily motivation to workout?

CF keeps me coming back through the personal competition within myself to improve at the sport. 

Favorite and least favorite movements?

Favorite movements are power snatches and box jumps/box jump overs. 

Least favorite is probably HSPUs. 

What’s one thing you would tell a new CrossFitter?

Trust the process. We all felt like we didn’t know what we were doing when we started (I still feel that way a lot lol) but with time you’ll surprise yourself more and more. Scaling can be hard for your ego at times but it is the best way to build the foundation for whatever level of CF your future holds. 

One song that gets you amped up during a WOD? 

Hispanic music!

Tell us something about yourself that we don’t already know.

Most people probably know that Lizzy and I met at our CF gym in Greensboro when she was at UNCG. We always thought we would end up in Greensboro because I was established in my job etc. but over time it became clear that the Raleigh area would be better for our careers. For me, getting involved in the community at CFR when I would visit had a significant role in starting to be able to see myself living here. When I did move and we started looking at houses, CFR was a huge motivating factor for us looking in Rolesville as opposed to other areas of Raleigh.