We call her our Brazilian Badass but her real name is Jacqueline Roldan and she is actually one of the sweetest people we’ve ever met. Jackie is a 38 year old mother to three, a loving wife, and a resident of Rolesville, NC. She joined only two months ago but she quickly became apart of the CFR family! She gives it her all every time she walks through our doors and has shown some true grit during WODs. Jackie is also a huge encourager for other athletes and we admirer her greatly for it. If she finishes a workout, even though she may be exhausted, she will hop right up and start cheering and motivating others who are still working. Without a doubt we are proud to call this Brazilian Baddass a CFR athlete!

Meta Slider - HTML Overlay - DSC_0312-88Proudest accomplishment at CrossFit Rolesville?

My proudest accomplishment at CFR was when I was able to do a wall handstand. It made me feel like a kid again.

How did you find CFR? Why do you train?

My husband and I had to make a run to the Rolesville Post Office and we saw that a new CrossFit gym was opening next door. I wanted to test myself. CrossFit to me is a challenge like no other. I’m striving to be the best, healthiest, and strongest me that I can possibly be. I know CrossFit will get me there.

What is your favorite moment so far at CFR?

My favorite moment was after my first week of CrossFit because that is when I realized that this is 100% what I wanted for myself. My least favorite moment is always the day before CrossFit because I’m so impatient and eager to get back in the box and complete the WOD.

What is your daily motivation to workout?

My daily motivation is watching videos of other CrossFitters. I enjoy watching the athlete’s positioning in weight lifting movements and seeing their progress. It gets me so amped when I watch the CrossFit games. Also know that I’ll be getting stronger and healthier with a great group of CrossFitters and CrossFit coaches at CFR.unnamed-1

Favorite and least favorite movements?

I love thrusters! And I hate running.

What’s one thing you would tell to a new CrossFitter?

Never stop! Never quit! Stick with it!

One song that gets you amped up during a WOD?

One song that gets me amped up is Rhianna’s “Work”.

Tell us something about yourself that we don’t already know.

I like eating avocado with sugar. It’s a super uncommon combo but it’s my sweet treat!