unnamedJay Thomason is a kiteboarding, Rolesville native who runs his own business called Outdoor Pros. Jay came to us before we had opened and quickly joined as a CFR Founding Member. We could instantly tell that this guy was someone we wanted around our box. The first week we had met him, he was cracking jokes on Thomas and I like he had known us our entire lives. He’s incredibly supportive and friendly with everyone in class. And even though he shrugs “whatever” like he’s ready to just get the workout over with, he gives it 100% and more every time he’s here. He’s very modest but Jay has improved so much in CrossFit over the past couple of months and we are extremely proud to call him a CFR athlete.

How did you find CrossFit Rolesville and why do you train?

I was looking for a local workout facility that offered personalized workouts in a small group environment. I had a goal to lose weight and get in better shape for kiteboarding and surfing as wells as just being able to keep with my kids active lifestyle

Biggest accomplishment at CrossFit Rolesville?

Overall improvement in strength, balance, and flexibility

What is your motivation to workout?

Weight loss and improved health

What is your favorite movement?

Squats and rowing

Least favorite?


Tell us something about yourself that we don’t already know?

It’s still a secret.