Congratulations to our November Spotlight Athlete, Katie Brown! Some of the reasons why we chose this strong mom of three is because of her kind-hearted spirit, receptiveness to coaching, and dedication she has shown in the gym to achieve progress. Just recently she overcame her fear of box jumps and got her first Rx! Katie knows how to keep grinding even when the workouts get tough and sets a great example to her spunky kids Kai, Emily, and Drew. We are extremely proud to have Katie (and her kids!) apart of the CrossFit Rolesville family! 14502847_10209198739359166_4052053860356240381_n

Proudest accomplishment at CrossFit Rolesville?

My first Rx!

How did you find CFR? Why do you train?

I drove by and always wanted to try Crossfit so I emailed Megan from the website.

Because I like to feel strong and have energy. I also like the people at Crossfit 🙂

What is your favorite moment so far at CFR?

My first favorite was when I was finally able to do box jumps instead of stacking weights. My second was my first Rx.

unnamedWhat is your daily motivation to workout

There’s always something to work on. There’s always a skill I’d like to accomplish or get better at. I also think making fitness part of my life is good for my kids to see. And they like coming to crossfit too! I want to stay as flexible and strong as I can for as long as I can.

Favorite and least favorite movements?

I already said favorites, so least favorite — I struggle with those damn pull ups!

What’s one thing you would tell to a new CrossFitter?

Come and join the fun. There’s all different fitness levels, body shapes, ages. You’re never too old, or too out of shape to start. Everyone starts somewhere and Megan and Thomas are great about watching your form to make sure you’re doing things safely. Be proud of your accomplishments — you’ve worked hard for them! Just show up. That’s half the battle.

One song that gets you amped up during a WOD?

I don’t even hear the music half the time. I’m too busy having conversations with myself about how I CAN lift that again, and I WILL do it!

Tell us something about yourself that we don’t already know.

I talk a lot. I think you may know more than you care to! Let’s see….I’m a country girl who I grew up in rural Ohio but haven’t lived there since 1996. I left that one horse town and moved out to California and LOVED it.  I also have a green thumb and love flowers and working in gardens. And if I had more time, I’d be riding my horse a lot more. 🙂