We are super thrilled to announce that Kirsten Quimby is our June Spotlight Athlete! Kirsten has been an avid CFR athlete ever since her husband, Chris Quimby, persuaded her to give it a try. We’ve seen her grow as an athlete tremendously over the past year. She never shies away from a tough workout and is dedicated to her 6:30am CFR crew! Kirsten always takes on our monthly fitness challenges and continues to crush them. We couldn’t be more proud of her and CrossFit Rolesville is very luck to have her (and Chris!) apart of our community. 

Age: 28

Occupation: Account Manager

Proudest accomplishment at CrossFit Rolesville? 

Finally being able to RX a WOD!

How did you find CFR? Why do you train? 

From Chris, my husband. He bugged me for years to try CrossFit with him. I was always apprehensive though because lifting anything heavy was so intimidating to me. He finally convinced me and now I keep coming back for more! I love the variety and never ending physical and mental challenges that CrossFit brings. 

What is your favorite moment so far at CFR? 

PRing or seeing someone else PR. It’s exciting to see your hard work pay off!

What is your daily motivation to workout? 

To be healthy, relieve stress, and maintain an active lifestyle.

Favorite and least favorite movements

Favorite: Kettlebell Swings or Deadlifts

Least Favorite: Rowing, definitely rowing.

What’s one thing you would tell to a new CrossFitter?

Stick with it. Be patient, learning everything will take awhile. The foam roller and lacrosse ball will become your new BFF’s! CFR has such a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere.

One song that gets you amped up during a WOD? 

I’m a big fan of house music, but really anything that gets me fired up!

Tell us something about yourself that we don’t already know. 

I studied abroad in Australia 🙂