For March, we have chosen Luke Miles as our spotlight athlete! When Luke joined CrossFit Rolesville, and his wife Caroline shortly after, they both became awesome additions to both our classes and our community. Luke always comes to class with a positive attitude, always friendly to new athletes, and always takes cues from the coaches. He knows when to push a littler harder during workouts but also scale when needed. Luke continues to get stronger and stronger. We couldn’t be prouder to have him (and Caroline!) apart of our CFR family!

Age: 33

Occupation: Teacher

Proudest accomplishment at CrossFit Rolesville?

I’ve had a lot of great moments at CFR!  I was really excited to get Double Unders and Handstand Push Ups.  I worked hard (and for longer than I want to admit) to get both.  I was equally proud of just being able to be upside down on the wall before I ever even did one handstand pushup.  However, my proudest moments were competing in the 2018 Fall Brawl and the 2019 Crossfit Open. Those events really took me out of my comfort zone a lot, and they both solidified my love of crossfit and CFR.

How did you find CFR? Why do you train?

Laura and Jason “The Ghost” Richardson had talked to me non-stop about CFR.  I finally gave in after needing something new.  I spent some time at a boxing gym, and everything was getting easier so I knew I needed something else.  I train so I can be a strong, healthy example for my family.  I also train for my own personal health and well-being (and for beer and doughnuts).  Since joining CFR, my yearly physicals just get better and better (even with the beer and doughnuts).

What is your favorite moment so far at CFR?

Finally convincing my wife to join was the best! I knew she would love it!  But…my actual favorite moment involves my wife, Caroline, and double unders.  She casually asked Thomas if you just “jump, spin, spin” to do double unders.  I actually laughed at her casual approach to them.  She then proceeded to grab a rope and knock out at least 20 double unders WITH NO PRACTICE.  I practiced DUs for 4+ months, and she did it instantly! She did the same thing for handstand walks! She’s a beast! So proud!

What is your daily motivation to workout?

To stay healthy and strong! I also enjoy the community and working out with everyone at the gym.  It’s nice to get a push from a friend!

Favorite and least favorite movements?

My favorite movement is Front Squat and anything cardio based.  My least favorite movement is overhead squats.

What’s one thing you would tell a new CrossFitter?

Oh I’ve got a list…

First, If you were an athlete in high school and college, and you are looking for that competitive drive again, then try out Crossfit. Second, not all Crossfit boxes are the same.  You might want to try one or two out before you make a decision.  Unless you live near CFR, then I promise it’s the best box around.  Third, I would recommend jumping from class to class when you can so you can meet all of the awesome athletes.  The more people you know, the better the experience!  Fourth, everything can be modified so embrace scaling options (it’s changed the way I work out).  And finally, say “Hi” to the new athletes, it can be intimidating being new.

One song that gets you amped up during a WOD?

I’m not picky.  I’ve been known to request classic rock, hip hop, 90s throwbacks, and Shakira.  Just crank up the volume!

Tell us something about yourself that we don’t already know.

I know every word to every song from the RENT soundtrack.  Also, in college, my roommates and I owned two ferrets in college named Bear and Beyonce.  They were disgusting! I do not recommend it!