SPOTLIGHT ATHLETE: Tricia & Eric Keipper


SPOTLIGHT ATHLETE: Tricia & Eric Keipper

Every month we like to choose a member who has stuck out in some way, which is not an easy task since we have so many awesome athletes! For September we couldn’t just choose one, so we choose two…Eric and Tricia Keipper! This tenacious couple has been with CFR from the beginning and have been extremely dedicated members. It’s been awesome to see them progress together and keep pushing each other (especially during August’s 1500 air squat challenge!). Both Tricia and Eric show determination, growth, and the overall will to do better. We are incredibly proud to have this strong couple apart of the CFR family!

Proudest accomplishment at CrossFit Rolesville? 

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TRICIA: Handstand push-ups. I couldn’t do them months ago and now I can.

ERIC: 30 inch box jumps and (sadly) jump rope…not sure why but I never jumped rope as a kid.

How did you find CFR?  

TRICIA: I drive by every day on the way to/from my sons school and saw the sign out front.

ERIC: Just driving by.  Was bored with going to the gym by myself and not challenged so thought I’d give it a try.


Why do you train? 

TRICIA: I’ve always gone to the gym and really enjoy classes that involve weightlifting and strength training. Crossfit is a whole new level of challenge and fun for me.

ERIC: I like the variety that CrossFit provides.  It forces me to get our of my comfort zone and challenges me in new ways.  It’s unlikely I would have gone to another gym and attempted a handstand push up, but if it’s on the WOD I’m committed.

What is your favorite moment so far at CFR? 

TRICIA: I don’t know about a particular moment, but I really enjoy all the encouragement and motivation that we all give each other. It’s awesome to hear people cheering your name!

ERIC: Memorial Day Murph, it was great to see so many folks honoring a fallen hero.

What is your daily motivation to workout? 

TRICIA: I’m just trying to stay young and healthy. I don’t want to stop moving, so I don’t stop moving.

ERIC: Overall fitness, energy, stress relief, and sense of accomplishment. I don’t think humans were made to sit in a chair all day.

Favorite and least favorite movements? 

TRICIA: I really like workouts that involve wall balls and burpees (IKR!).  Rowing might be the death of me though.

ERIC: Favorite – not there yet, but I want to master a muscle up; Least Favorite – Burpee

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What’s one thing you would tell to a new CrossFitter? 

TRICIA: Well, I am a new crossfitter! I would say to keep challenging yourself but pace yourself as well.

ERIC: Anybody can do CrossFit and benefit from it.  Also, WODs with a female name are deceivingly tough.

One song that gets you amped up during a WOD? 

TRICIA: Eminem’s Lose Yourself. It’s a brilliant song!

ERIC: Kanye – Monster

Tell us something about yourself that we don’t already know.  

TRICIA: I love to sing!

ERIC: I have an identical twin…but you can easily tell us apart due to CFR.