SPOTLIGHT ATHLETES: Shane & Tricia Lynch


SPOTLIGHT ATHLETES: Shane & Tricia Lynch

For September, we couldn’t just choose one athlete for the spotlight…so we choose two! Shane and Tricia Lynch! This awesome couple is extremely dedicated and are always trying to better themselves as athletes. Shane and Tricia participate in the monthly challenges, attend community events, and incredibly friendly. Shane is also one of our in-house photographers who we can’t thank enough for capturing so many great moments at CFR. We absolutely love having this power couple apart of our CrossFit Rolesville family!


SHANE: Manager, NetApp Inc.
TRICIA: Registered Nurse – Wakemed North

Proudest accomplishment at CrossFit Rolesville?
SHANE: Surviving “Murph 2017”, in what felt like 100% humidity.
TRICIA: Dropping almost 2 minutes off my Fran time.

How did you find CFR? Why do you train?
SHANE: I drove by CFR everyday to my previous gym.  I train at CFR because I like the variation of workouts.  Sometimes gets boring doing the same things over and over again and Crossfit allows so many combinations of movement choices that it keeps it challenging and fun at the same time.
TRICIA: I found CFR when we heard Rolesville was getting a crossfit gym and then finally seeing the sign go up on the building.  I train for several reasons: originally started doing crossfit to get ready for the Tough Mudder back in 2012.  Crossfit quickly became my favorite pass time.  It gives me the opportunity to really push myself, I will forever be competing with myself, pushing myself to be better than before.  It is also a great stress reliever.

What is your favorite moment so far at CFR?
SHANE: The 2017 Open Friday Night Lights workouts.  It’s awesome to see so many people pushing themselves and accomplishing great things.  Also, the cheering from friends and family is awesome.
TRICIA: I have to agree with Shane on this one.  Friday Night Lights during the Open was awesome.  I love it when we come together as a community to push each other and to cheer one another on.  I looked forward to Friday nights during the open.

What is your daily motivation to workout?
SHANE: Having been in Crossfit almost 4 years, it’s become part of my daily routine.  It is a huge stress reliever and outlet of built up frustration dealing with the day to day grind.
TRICIA: Crossfit has become part of my routine.  I’m motivated to come everyday and hope that I can improve as an athlete, and get stronger.

Favorite and least favorite movements?
SHANE: I like the “Power Clean” movement.  I hate the “Overhead Squat” movement.
TRICIA: I can’t say as though I have one specific favorite movement, I like several movements.  One thing i am not a fan of is rowing, not sure ill ever enjoy rowing, lol.

What’s one thing you would tell to a new CrossFitter?
SHANE: I would like to say two things:  First, embrace the pain.  Soreness in the early stages makes you second guess yourself; don’t give up.  Secondly, Crossfit is a journey; you will evolve rapidly but you must do so properly.  Take time in your early stages to perfect and work on the proper technique for each movement.
TRICIA: I love to encourage people to try crossfit.  I like to tell new people to give it more than just one try and if you stick with it, always push yourself to get better, don’t let your mind get the best of you (although, even the seasoned crossfit athletes mind can still get the best of them at times)!

One song that gets you amped up during a WOD?
SHANE: “Who Taught You How To Hate” by Disturbed.  Every time I listen to that song in my Mustang the car just wants to go faster and faster.
TRICIA: I love music, there is not a specific song but a certain genre, heavy metal. Bands like Disturbed, Nothing More, Bullet for my Valentine.

Tell us something about yourself that we don’t already know?
SHANE: I’ve never been in a fist fight; I run really fast, just ask Peter.
TRICIA: I played the piano for over six years, rusty now, but would love to play again one day.