The Struggles


The Struggles

Like any tough workout, there will always be some kind of struggle in trying to reach a goal. Sometimes they are easy to overcome and other times they take a little more perseverance. But in the end the achievement of reaching that goal is what makes all these struggles worth hurdling.

Cbcn4YZUUAA0a6x.jpg-largeOpening a CrossFit box is somewhat like completing a long, grueling WOD (workout of the day). It looks fun. You get super stoked about the idea of accomplishing this crazy workout. And you keep telling yourself over and over, “you got this”. You plan ways to most efficiently get each rep in and strategize how to beat the clock. Suspense builds up as the timer counts down. Then it’s go time. Things seem to be going well. You feel pretty good as you are flying through the reps. You may even have a slight grin on your face. But then all of a sudden, the struggles come. You start breathing a little harder and your heart starts thumping a little louder. Blood is coursing through your body now trying to deliver oxygen as fast as it can to your muscles to keep you moving. Things start to seem a little doubtful and your body starts telling you things you don’t want to hear. You glance at the clock and a wave of disbelief comes over you. “How will I ever finish this workout?” Then all of sudden you hear your friends and family cheering you on. You snap out of that doubtful mindset and stop listening to those fears. You get that butt-kicking game face on and you push through those last reps. “TIME!” You’re done. You completed the WOD. And you’re still alive.


You may lay there on your back in a pool of sweat, trying to catch your breath. You may be sore or have a couple of battle wounds. You may even walk around for the next couple of minutes in disbelief that you actually finished the workout. But you did. And now you have a sense of pride. You’ve bettered yourself, you’ve become a stronger person. Both physically and mentally. And eventually you forget all of that pain due to the pure intoxication of success and acheivement.

This is yet another awesome reason why I love CrossFit and what it can teach us in every day life. My brother and I have been facing some pretty unforeseen struggles while trying to open this gym. They have made us angry and frustrated. They’ve complicated many things. And they’ve screwed up our timeline. But we know the athletes (both present and future), as well as friends and family are cheering for us to succeed. We’ve learned to block out those doubts and we know the end goal is what will make overcoming these daunting struggles all worth it.

So if you’re reading this, don’t fret. We are jumping through hurdles left and right and still working hard to make sure CFR opens soon. All that we ask is that you keep cheering us on! That’s what CrossFit is all about, showing your support for others. Tell family, friends, and co-workers about CrossFit Rolesville. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! We know with your support, these struggles will be all the more worth it.